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Nanabhai Bhatt Shree Dakshinamurti Vinay Mandir founded by the late Gijubhai Badheka, late Nanabhai Bhatt and late Harbhai Trivedi in Bhavnagar. This is the top most school in Bhavnagar. A great place to learn basics of life. In this age of decadence, when standards of education seem to have deteriorated, when character-building does not seem to be the object of education. Shree Dakshinamurti Vinay Mandir, through its four institutions Bal Mandir(Pre-Primary school), Kumar Mandir(Primary School), Vinay Mandir ( Secondary and Higher Secondary School ) and Bal Adhyapan Mandir ( Pre-primary teachers training college ) tries to maintain the standards of education and to preserve the values of life as best as it can.Shree Dakshinamurti Vinay Mandir became the cradle of new liberal children's education and charted a new direction in the field.


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Note and Pen Principal Message
Nanabhai Bhatt
  • The students learn here in free atmosphere and develop, self-confidence, self respect and self learning.
  • The students follow the basic principles of Shree Dakshinamurti Vinay Mandir.
  • They are also open to accept the latest modern technology to be with modern India. They are given enough opportunities for the same.


Note and Pen Basic Principles
    • The institute was founded with a view to making students self reliant knowledgeable & bold.
    • It is the only institute, which is such centrally oriented for the students. Here the student counts first.
    • Here the atmosphere is such that goodness of student comes out naturally.
    • Co-curricular activities are carried out in such a way that each & every student can take part in the field of his/her interest ability.
    • Here we believe in free discipline with responsibilities. So the students are given different kinds of works to generate that idea.
    • The teachers are always ready to help the students.The students get care and warmth and no physical punishment.
    • The principles of Late Shri Nanabhai Bhatt, Late Shri Gijubhai Badheka & Late Shri Harbhai Trivedi are followed by the teachers.


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